Saturday Morning Brunch: Reconstruction Begins at Saugatuck Congregational Church

After a couple weeks hiatus from blogging as I have been settling into my new job, I am starting to work on some new material for the weeks ahead!

Photo from the Dan Woog Blog.

This morning I want to share a couple of news segments about my new church community, Saugatuck Congregational Church in Westport.  This Sunday at 11am we are having our Welcome Back Sunday to launch the fall season at the church and then at 1PM we are having an official ground breaking ceremony to inaugurate the reconstruction on our building, which was badly damaged by a fire two years ago.  Our groundbreaking and reconstruction have been getting a lot of press coverage, which is exciting.  Here are two segments that aired the last couple nights:

From Connecticut News 12:

Saugatuck Congregational Church in Westport plans to rebuild two years after fire

From NBC Connecticut:

Westport Church Starts to Rebuild Nearly Two Years After Fire

Here are a few other articles that have been written about our groundbreaking and reconstruction efforts:

Saugatuck Church to Host Groundbreaking Ceremony on Sept. 8 (The Hour)

Nearly 2 Years After Fire, A Church Rebuilds (Dan Woog)

A Joyful Noise (Dan Woog)

From the Ashes: Saugatuck Church Poised to Rebuild After Fire (Westport News)

If you are in the Westport area you are most welcome to join us on the front lawn of the church (245 Post Road E) for both our Welcome Back Sunday service at 11am and the Groundbreaking Ceremony at 1pm.

If you aren’t around and/or feel called to donate to our reconstruction efforts, you can make donations to Saugatuck online through PayPal.  Simply visit our website and look for the online donation button near the top of the home page.


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