Saturday Morning Brunch

In honor of a tradition in my house (which sadly isn’t happening this weekend because my flat-mate is out of town), naming what I intend to be a weekly digest of interesting posts from around the blogosphere “Saturday Morning Brunch.”

First, a little theme music, which I was introduced to courtesy of the New Ways Forward blog:

From my dear friend Andy Byers comes a post on discerning the will of God which, in Andy’s typical fashion, challenges our popular notions of how this is done.  I found this very interesting.

Dug up from the archives of history, Don Miller (author of Blue Like Jazz) gives us an old recording of an interview with JRR Tolkien.

Author David Fitch introduces us to a new book by Scott McKnight.  The video is kinda cheesy and not very well produced, but I am quite intrigued to see what McKnight has to say…

From the Cryptotheology blog comes an interesting take on how to read Paul’s epistles which seems to avoid many of the historical-critical questions of current scholarship.  Not sure what I think of it yet, but I am initially intrigued by this idea, would love to hear what some other people think.

An interesting news article buried a little bit under the over-sensationalized hurricane reporting and the unfolding events in Libya: new details emerging about CIA rendition flights.  I am particularly taken aback by the CIA’s response to all of this, which is essentially to say “we don’t care what anyone thinks, nor are we going to help you figure out what evil things were done.”  Alarming.

Another interesting article, this one from the Yale Daily News.  Guess who the reigning champions of the Grad-Pro Intramural Soccer League are…

Finally, to close this out here is possibly the best advertisement for a social network ever (courtesy of Justin Taylor’s blog):


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