Back in Business!

Just returned a couple of weeks ago from a time spent as the Worship Coordinator at the Barbara C. Harris Camp and Conference Center in New Hampshire, which is operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.  The summer was on a whole a great experience.  Our music team was amazing- we put together a band called 67 Strings (named for the number of strings we had broken as of press time on a CD we recorded, the final tally for the summer I think came to 78, which is well over the border into the territory of ridiculousness), you can listen to (and download for free) a sampling of our music here.  Other activities at camp included playing on ropes courses, kayaking, fishing from a floating dock we had rowed to the middle of a lake, chasing a bat out of a chaplain’s residence, leading back-packing trips, protecting our backpackers from a large bear and a pack of coyotes, and cooking on a wood fire in the pouring rain.  Like I said, on a whole I think this was a great experience!
I am now back in New Haven, have added to my list of adventures for the summer finding a friend left stranded in DC by the earthquake and living through a hurricane in New England.  Am hoping things settle down in the next couple of days so we can start classes… Lots of things I have thought about over the summer that I intend to write about here.  Should start posting again soon!


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