Introducing Søren Media Group, LLC (And Hopefully Ending A Prolonged Absence…)

I haven’t blogged much lately…

Which is not to say I don’t have plenty of ideas to share with all of you wonderful readers. My list of “idea posts” is as long as ever, I just haven’t been doing much writing at all the last few weeks.

I haven’t been writing much lately because I’ve been working on another project: getting a business off the ground!

I’ve done some freelance web design and website management projects for friends in the church world over the last few years. Steadily, interest in that among my friends and colleagues has been picking up and I decided it was time to make things more official. Plus, I have a few other ideas for “web services” that I think churches and non-profits will find very valuable, and starting a business now will make it easier to introduce those ideas later on.

All that to say, in addition to being a pastor and writer, I’m now also officially a small-business owner.

So check out the website of Søren Media Group, LLC to find out more about what I’m offering and other ideas I have for the future. Your feedback and your own ideas are also always welcome!

And now that the “launch” phase has ended I hope to be back on the blog more often. Expect to see more from me soon!

Much appreciation for all who read and support what I’m doing!

– Alex

Soren Basic


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