Morning Reflection: What Is Truth? | John 18:28-38

This probably won’t happen every morning, but something I am trying as a Lenten discipline is to take a little time each morning and write a brief reflection on the gospel text from the daily lectionary cycle. Starting a day early, but here goes! Today’s text is from John 18:28-38.

It’s not easy, but take a moment to step into Pilot’s shoes.

Woken up in the middle of the night by guests who are more than happy to hand over to you someone they say is a dangerous prisoner but who aren’t even willing to step inside your house because it might defile them.

Told by those same guests, guests who would love nothing more than to see you and your government overthrown, that this man is a traitor fomenting rebellion who deserves to be put to death (by you, of course, how could they bloody their hands?).

Given by this man some esoteric line about a kingdom not of this world which make him sound more like a madman than a charismatic revolution-leader.

And then being told that all who know the truth follow his voice.

Now if it were you, would mocking the notion of truth be a far leap to make?

But sometimes truth is in paradox.

Christ the King, who presents as a traveling rabbi with a ragtag band of half-qualified disciples.

Who foments a rebellion against the world order not by military might but by the heart changed.

Whose danger lies not in a call to arms but in a call to lay aside things that matter not and take up those things that matter eternally.

Who threatens the powers that be not because he will put them on trial for their lives but because he will expose the lie that their way of living is the only way.

Pilot’s guests were right about one thing that night. They woke him up for a reason.


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