Saturday Morning Brunch: “The Hole in Our Complementarianism”

A great post from Tamara Rice on Hope-Fully-Known is what I want to share with you all this week:

Tamara Rice

I can’t say I noticed it immediately, but at some point I realized that the large wooden pulpit usually adorning the stage had been replaced with a small music stand off to Ms. Elliot’s side. At approximately the same moment I took note of this, it occurred to me that this woman, Ms. Elliot, was in fact preaching to us. Preaching in chapel. And a sharp little nagging began in the back of my mind.

          She’s preaching.

          She’s a woman and she is preaching.

          And this is somehow okay.

          Even though we’d never dream of letting any other woman do this in chapel.

          This is okay, because we removed the pulpit. And only because we moved the pulpit …

I hope you will read the rest of her post here.  Enjoy!


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