Monday Morning: A Poem About Waking Up

A poem written last week while I was at camp.  It isn’t so much about camp as about the view from my window the first morning while I was still half-asleep and trying to wake up.  Enjoy!

Finally breaks the morning light,

Ending a long, restless night.

And from this vantage, the sun through the trees

Appears to reveal some apocalyptic scene:

Colorless branches contorting the rays of the sun

Light Breaking Through TreesTo seem like clouds billowing from some place of desolation.

But slowly to the world color returns

And it becomes apparent that nothing has burned.

So one more excuse not to begin the day

Fades into the glimmer of the soft sun rays,

And our tired bodies, hardly able to stir,

Begin our long journey to Saturday’s return.


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