Saturday Morning Brunch

Two videos to share today.  Enjoy!

Rob Bell and Andrew Wilson / Homosexuality and the Bible

I think a couple of things are really interesting in this video.  First, Andrew Wilson clearly doesn’t understand the objections that Rob is raising to his questions (i.e., Rob says Jesus doesn’t talk about homosexuality, implying that we can’t really say one way or another what he thinks so the question is unfair.  Rob also wants to point out that Paul’s conception of homosexuality is very different from ours today, so analyzing his statements and applying them to today is kinda an apple and oranges comparison).  Second, I think the nuances of Rob’s answers are pretty interesting and would love to hear how other people respond to his statements about monogamy, about supporting love wherever it exists, about people who have chosen to be celibate out of conviction, etc.

3 Penny Orchestra (consisting of many friends of mine from Yale Divinity School) auditions for America’s Got Talent!


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