Reminiscing While Snowed In

The 77This weekend the northeast of the United States got hit by a serious blizzard.

Between shoveling out cars, exploring a city that feels frozen in time, and pondering what happens when rain and warmer temperatures combine with barely plowed streets and drains covered in three feet of snow, I have also been working on giving this blog a serious make-over.

Last summer, I migrated my blog to this site from an old address.  At the time I just kinda picked up where I left off, but gradually I’ve been noticing bad links, formatting errors, and other problems with older posts that came over in the migration.

So in an attempt to fix these issues, I’ve begun reading back through older posts to streamline them for this site.  In addition, I’ve fixed some grammatical errors and done a little to make them more visually appealing and easier for search engines to index.

The end result has been a really fun experience traveling down memory lane.

The project isn’t done yet, but I thought I’d share some of what I’ve come across so far.  So here are a few highlights from my undergraduate years:


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