Saturday Morning Brunch

Most of what I have been reading lately has been related in some way or another to the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary a week ago yesterday.  So that is what these links will be about.  Here are several blog posts and articles that have stood out to me in the past week and a half or so:

God Can’t Be Kept Out (Rachel Held Evans)

The Gun Control That Works: No Guns (The Economist)

Do We Have the Courage to Stop This?  (The New York Times)

I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother (Huffington Post)

Our Moloch (The New York Review of Books)

Anger and Advent (Halfway to Normal)

Immanuel (Alise Write)

Yale Divinity School Chapel Service Remembering Newtown Tragedy

The Callous Theology of James Dobson (Philosophical Fragments)

Newtown, Bethlehem, and the Dark Side of Christmas (Hopeful Realism)

If you are interested in helping out the people of Newtown, here is a list of memorial funds that have been set up for them.

If you are in Connecticut and need counseling or support, Fairfield University is offering free consultations and counseling sessions, more information to be found here.


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