Hurricane Sandy Update:

Have just returned to New Haven.  My neighborhood seems to have been spared any significant damage from the storm (and New Haven in general seems luckier than most costal communities in Connecticut), which is good news.  The bad news is there are a lot of people who have been significantly impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  The information I’ve been hearing is pretty astounding:  7.5 million without power; significant flooding in lower Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn; NYU Hospital being shut down when its back-up generator flooded; 80 homes destroyed in a major fire in New York City; most of Atlantic City under water (and this just gives a partial picture of the impact of this storm).

I wanted to post a few links here for people who want more information on Sandy.  The first three document the impact of Sandy and try to assess the damage done.  The next set of links are links for anyone who might be reading this and looking for help/relief.

Impact and Assessment of Hurricane Sandy

The New York Times has put together two pretty impressive collections of information on Sandy’s impact on the Northeast.

The first is a “State-by-State” catalogue of videos and images that document the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

The second is a “damage assessment” which includes a lot of statistics that cover the entire region but is more specifically focused on the impact to New York City and the surrounding area.

Finally, here are some pictures from the Westport online information site documenting the impact of the storm on the community where I work.

Update:  One more very good link for information on the impact on NYC in particular can be found here from the BBC’s website.

If You Have Been Affected by Sandy…

And especially if you are in need of help or assistance, here are some links that may be of use to you:

For those in the Yale or New Haven Community, the Yale Emergency Management Page and City of New Haven website.

For the broader CT area, the state has created a page for their emergency response to Sandy which you can access here.

For those in New York or New Jersey, you can apply for assistance directly at the FEMA website.  You can also access your state emergency management pages here for New York and here for New Jersey.

Emergency Response Websites for other states impacted by Sandy:


District of Columbia



North Carolina


Rhode Island


West Virginia


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