Saturday Morning Brunch

We have officially moved from blogger to wordpress!  This is the first post on the new site, which thus far I think is much more aesthetically appealing than the old one.  Most of the old posts made the migration over.  Unfortunately, most comments did not (though for some reason they show up in my admin comment log without being attached to any particular post.  Comment limbo, if you will…), but its all good, discussion will start up again!

To get us started we are reviving an old tradition.  So here are some posts from around the blogging world that have caught my eye the past couple of weeks:

Famous Philosophy Majors– Proof that I might still have a future after I finish all this schooling!!

State of Emergent Cohorts– Interesting post describing the decline in the number of actively operating emergent cohorts and the unclear implications of this trend.

Creation Out of Nothing is Overrated– Several interesting critiques of what is often considered a standard doctrine.

Universal Reconciliation and the New Perspective on Paul– As someone very sympathetic to the NPP, this argument was intriguing.

“All right, then, I’ll go to hell”– Possibly my favorite post of the past few weeks, the wisdom of Huck Finn brought to bear on the controversy over homosexuality in contemporary Christianity.

On Seeing and Not Seeing Scapegoats– Interesting blend of theology and psychology.

Are Atheists Compassionate– Summary of a study on the differences in motivation for charitable giving among the religious and the non-religious.

Be A Sacrament– Calling Christians to live as “signs of grace” who bring efficacious change to a world dominated by death and sin.

Cashing in on Breast Cancer– Interesting post about an intriguing sounding documentary investigating how corporate profit acts as a motivation in philanthropic endeavors (in this case, specifically the breast cancer awareness movement).

And a couple other things from the internet world that caught my eye this week:

First, two articles from the New York Times on Obama’s military tactics:  Secret Kill List a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will  and Cyberattacks Against Iran.

Second,  a cartoon I stumbled across (thanks to James Sennett):


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