Traveling Adventures

I just returned from a trip to the West Coast were my family and I gathered for my grandfather’s memorial.  After a few days at Lake Tahoe, where we held the memorial, we traveled down to Las Vegas where my grandparents had lived since retiring to take care of the estate and get the house ready to go on the market.  A few stories from these travels:
First couple of stories have to do with the estate sale.  During the first few days that we were prepping the house we would sporadically have people drop by who wanted a VIP sneak peak or to go ahead and start shopping.  We tried to politely tell them to come back Saturday, when we had advertised the estate sale in the local paper, but some were quite insistent and had to be sternly told to leave.  Which we found rather amusing.  Saturday morning we had advertised that the doors would open at 8:30.  At 7:35 we saw a couple guys walking into the back yard.  We quickly ushered them out and closed the fence.  My grandfather had a golf cart, and my uncle had put it up for sale on Craig’s List.  At 7:50 he decided to go outside and take a picture of it for his listing.  There was a line of people to the street silently waiting to come in.  So we scrambled to get ready and opened up the doors.  But there were so many people we had to do traffic control and only let a few in at a time (to the chagrin of those still outside).  It was quite honestly insane for about the first two hours or so before things slowed down to a more reasonable pace.
Another set of stories has to do with a certain change to my relationship status on Facebook.  Here are three possible scenarios:  First one is that one of my siblings, who were using my computer rather frequently, changed it as a joke and then set their own status to something which made reference to my “having one of those things from Vegas that doesn’t legally stay in Vegas” (whatever he thought that meant).  Second one is that I spent too much time on the strip and had a bit (/a lot) too much to drink and met someone in a similar condition, leading to a few spontaneous decisions that culminated in my being married to a girl from Minnesota for a span of about three days.  Third scenario is that I, induced by a couple of drinks, decided this would be a fun exercise in freaking out my friends and changed it myself.  Which scenario is true?  For the time being, I plead the fifth.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
Final story is from my attempt to get home on Wednesday.  I had already flown from Vegas to Nashville the day before.  Was supposed to go Nashville- Philly- New Haven, getting in at 2:30.  After a cancelled flight was shifted to Nashville- DC- Philly- New Haven, getting in at 6.  When my first flight was an hour and half late, ended up getting moved to a later connection getting in at 8:45.  Then the flight from Philly to New Haven almost didn’t take off because of weather.  Finally got there and couldn’t find my bag, so thought it hadn’t made it through the shuffle.  Eventually found it and finally made it home about 9:30.  I am sick of all things related to flying.
Now safely back in New Haven for the weekend.  Leaving early Monday morning to begin my summer job as Worship Coordinator for the Barbara C Harris Camp in New Hampshire, operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.

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