Great Music for a Great Cause

A few weeks ago, as many are aware, several devastating storms tore through the Southeast, hitting Alabama especially hard.  I, at least, have been lamenting (as I watched the simultaneously fascinating and horrifying videos of major devastation to cities I once lived and worked in) at not being in Alabama to help any with the recovery efforts.

Another thing I have lamented since moving to the Northeast is no longer having Birmingham’s incredible local music scene to keep me entertained with fantastic folk and rock musicians.

The “quick fix” for both of these problems, at least for the moment, has been this album put together by several of Birmingham’s fantastic musicians (and a few friends from other areas like Nashville, TN, where I flew in today) to raise money for the recovery efforts that continue in that state.  I have been listening to this album for the last week and it really is fantastic!!  Please check it out and consider donating the $10 to help many who are in need.



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