Boston Trip and Conference Presentation

This past week I traveled to Boston for a regional meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature where I presented a paper on Augustine‘s hermeneutics in dialogue with the hermeneutics of contemporary New Testament scholar Dale Martin.  You can read an abstract on the New England SBL Regional Website.

The conference was enjoyable, heard several interesting papers on the portrayal of God in the Hebrew Bible and Biblical Hermeneutics.  Met several Ph.D. students from Brown and Harvard who had some good advice on future studies.  Also stayed with a couple friends of mine from undergrad- Nick (who is the author of the Alethia blog) and Andrea- and had a great time catching up some with them and watching the last episode of The Office to feature Steve Carell.

There may be some more thoughts to come when I am less stressed with the end of our semester here… Now its on to studying Hebrew Wisdom Literature and writing a paper about Aristotle’s cosmological argument…

As a final note before jumping back into working, just wanted to extend condolences to all of my friends in Alabama who are recovering from the devastating storms last week.  The pictures I have seen of places I used to live and work and visit have left me in shock, but I know they aren’t even capturing a small part of the damage done.  Praying for everyone there, miss you all, so sorry for your loss.


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