The Rob Bell Controversy

I have weighed in on the discussion surrounding Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins in a couple of venues.  However, I think a good friend of mine, Ryan Junkin, has provided a much better and clearer commentary on the controversy.  I highly recommend checking out his blog post.

I think particularly helpful is how he ends the post:

One never knows Scripture so well and so certainly that he can confidently dismiss dissenters without engaging them, stubbornly relying on traditionally-formulated answers.  To do so is to spit in the face of the hurting, questioning world to which Scripture sends us.

For the Evangelical community I think this is an essential reminder, and a reminder which people like Rob Bell have adamantly pushed on a community which often prefers easy, compact answers to very difficult questions.

I also very highly recommend that everyone watch the video promoting this book, which can be found on Amazon’s page here.  I wonder how many of the comments made in response to Rob Bell have been made based on hearsay without having actually seen the video (which is the best we can do right now since the book isn’t actually out yet).


What do you think? I would love to hear from you, please share your thoughts. Just remember to be respectful of others.

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