Saturday Morning Brunch

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland
Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland (Photo credit: brianhonohan)

A different kind of Saturday Morning Brunch this week, here is an interesting creed that I encountered this week while attending a worship service modeled on those of early Celtic Christians:

Tirechan’s Creed:

Our God is the God of all humanity,

The God of heaven and earth, the God of sea and rivers,

The God of sun and moon, the God of all the heavenly bodies,

The God of the lofty mountains, the God of the lowly valleys.

God is above the heavens; God is beneath the heavens.

Heaven and earth and sea, and everything that is in them,

Such God has as his abode.  God inspires all things,

God gives life to all things, God stands above all things,

And God stands beneath all things.  God enlightens the light of the sun,

God strengthens the light of the night and the stars,

God makes wells in the arid land and dry islands in the sea,

And God places the stars in the service of the greater lights.

God has a Son who is co-eternal with himself;

And neither is the Son younger than the Father,

Nor is the Father older than the Son;

And the Holy Spirit breathes in them.

And the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit are inseparable.  Amen.




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